Kudos To Ketanji Brown Jackson

Photo by Ajay Parthasarathy on Unsplash

Today, I wrote about how Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. applauded the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the United States Supreme Court on HBCU Buzz. Here are some notes I wrote down from my piece:

  • In a social media post, beloved #Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. congratulated Jackson on her nomination, saying it is an excellent way to top off Black History Month.
  • Side note 📝: #BHM is 24/7 + 365.
  • “Judge Jackson is a historical high point in our nation’s legal system. For too long, the perspective of Black women has been missing from the deliberations of our Supreme Court justices.”
  • The fraternity continued: “Like the nomination of Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court in 1967, Judge Jackson’s nomination is cause for America to celebrate and for the Black community to honor this accomplished woman. There could be no greater exclamation mark for” this month.”

My fraternity’s feelings are valid — I, too, applaud Jackson on her nomination to one of the highest offices in the country as a potential supreme court justice.

Head over to HBCUBuzz.com to read more.




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Tommy Gene Meade Jr.

Tommy Gene Meade Jr.

Content Writer | Blogger | Creator

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